Pre-Production Inspection

What is a Pre-Production Inspection in China?

The Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is carried out after the identification and the evaluation at your vendor / plant and right before the beginning of the actual mass production. It can be implemented at the plant or at the vendor office. The target  of the Pre-Production Inspection in China and elsewhere in Asia is to guarantee  that your supplier knows  your requirements and the specifications  of your order and is ready  for its production.

What do we check during a Pre-Production Inspection?

Raw materials and key components of your order, relationship between the plant and the vendor, understanding of your demands by the plant, samples, costs, production schedule and processes, in-house quality control checks and key persons from the vendor and plant (production manager, people who speak English etc).

What are the advantages  of the Pre-Production Inspection?

The Pre-Production Inspection in China and Asia will help you in the provision  of the preliminary production test to match the golden sample. With this inspection, you will acquire  a clear vision of the production arrangements and acess to  ahead of any possible problems that might have an effect on  the quality of your merchandises. Most of the time, the main reason for production problems and insatisfactory  quality is not the plant’s lack of know-how  but rather misunderstandings between you and the producer, which often is a result of  culture and language differences. The Pre-Production Inspection in China and Asia will allow  you to stride across this communication gap and ensure mutual understanding.

Highlights of this quality control inspection service 

§  Is everything well prepared before the production starts ?

§  Are my requirements and specifications (material, color, etc.) well understood?

§  Is everything prepared before mass production?

§  We can help you proceed with  corrective actions as soon as possible.

§  Is the factory  well prepared to live up to  my expectations?

§Avoid unanticipated  prolongation  and costs.


Options available

§  Collection of samples

§  Nighttime overtime

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