We need to get the rough shipment data first, including:

The description of your goods? How many packages? Package weight and dimension? What you prefer, by sea or by air, or others?
The more information provided, the quicker response you will get.

Why Chinese Freight

There is an embarrassing issue in the present international freight market, that if you choose the local international logistics company in your country, they usually have to cooperate with Chinese forwarder to deal with the boking of cargo space and other operations as they don’t have branch office in China. And this practice often leads to incoherent and not timely process of international shipment. Also, insufficient awareness and low flexibility from the cooperating forwarder, plus hidden costs and inability of dealing with problematic and special goods, have offered very poor customer experience.

Meanwhile, the local freight forwarders in China generally consider the issue of convenience and large goods quantity, and prefer to provide transportation services only by cooperating with the freight forwarders worldwide.

Therefore, FIC has spotted this market demand and aimed directly at the customers around the world, taking full advantage of his local strengths (partnership with domestic airlines and shipping company, special relationship with customs, cargo distribution and operation of warehouses, operation of special cargo, efficiency of communication with customer, attaches great importance to the partnership with customer).

Choose us, and we believe your choice will offer you a great experience.