Calvin Klein(CK)Door to Door service

The production bases of CK, as a world-renowned clothing brand, are all over the world, and China is one of the very important. Considering that clothing production is highly seasonal and fashion, so timeliness is the most important indicator in the entire transport link. Intermediate links shall be reduced in an effort to better control effectiveness and to avoid problems in convergence. CK requires Chinese logistics companies must contract the whole process from the Chinese factories to foreign stores, it is Door to Door service by air, and it develops harsh terms in the contract. FIC Logistics undertakes part of the transportation of goods of CK in China, which is a rather big challenge for us, and that is why we set up a team dedicated to CK business. Through concerted efforts with all parties, we are able to complete the delivery, achieve a win-win situation and win CK's strong recognition and praise every time. 

Process of CK case:

1. FIC Logistics conduct in-depth exchange and communication with CK import department, confirm the program, so as to reduce and avoid running-in in follow-up operation.

2. FIC Logistics will communicate with the corresponding staff in a rapid matter upon the receipt of the supplier list of CK to confirm the delivery and complete the business plan.

3. FIC Logistics will send people to the factory for random sampling pursuant to CK's instructions, attach the labels, and sent them to the quality control department of CK for testing.

4. FIC Logistics will follow up with the various factories one by one for sorting and cargo consolidation after we have received the goods transport instructions, and report the daily cargo consolidation to CK headquarters.

5. After the cargo consolidation, FIC Logistics pick out the most cost-effective transportation program for CK in line with the delivery and all possible factors.

6. As soon as the goods arrive at the port of destination, FIC Logistics immediately carry out customs clearance, complete the distribution of goods, and deliver them to various stores within CK designated time.

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