IPR Registration

Pursuant to the provisions of the China Intellectual Property Protection Law, you are infringing the intellectual property rights of other people when your goods made in China are exported from China, and you are not the registrant of the brand registered at China customs for intellectual property right. The consequences will be very serious for exportation without in the absence of authorization, your goods might be confiscated and you will be heavily fined. Things like this happen every day, we are experts in this field and we can professionally solve issues relevant to registration of intellectual property rights with China customs. We can inquire free of charge for you whether your brand is registered for intellectual property right with China customs, if the brand has already been registered with China customs for intellectual property rights, we have a wealth of experience to help you analyze whether it involves infringement, if it does, we can also mediate to help you obtain the export authorization; if you are not registered, we can help you register your trademark and customs intellectual property, our team is familiar with China's relevant laws and policies and has a wealth of experience and skills, so while ensuring the success rate, you will not be taken advantage of by other people.

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